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Работаю над переводом документации по VIZ. Account creation

When creating an account, it is necessary to contribute a certain amount of viz to its capital or delegate capital from another account. The minimum amount of transaction and delegation is set by the VIZ DAO delegates. At the moment it is 1 viz and 10 viz respectively. Thus, the creation of VIZ accounts is not paid, but requires the use of liquid viz tokens or capital.

Ways to create an account

1. Using an existing account

If you already have an account or one of the VIZ participants is ready to help you, you can create a new account by transferring 1 viz to its capital using any service you trust, for example, In the same way, you can create an account there by delegating 10 viz from the capital of your or a friendly account without transferring liquid viz tokens.

2. Using public services

Some services provide a free account creation service for new VISa participants. Technically, this is the same as in p.1, but you don't have to ask someone to help, everything is done automatically. Go to or (click the «Register» link there) and follow the instructions.

3. Using the viz_social_bot Telegram bot

Telegram messenger users just need to launch the bot viz_social_bot and get a reward in any group where the bot is connected. As soon as the amount of rewards exceeds 1 viz, you can register an account. To do this, go to the «Account» section and click «Create new VIZ account».

4. With an invite code (cheq)

If someone gave or sold you a viz cheq, which in this case acts as an invitation (invite) to the VIZ, then it can be used to create an account on, or another service that provides this functionality. When creating an account using a cheque (invite), the amount of the cheque will be credited to the capital of the new account.

5. Using an anonymous account (this method is recommended for fairly experienced VIZ participants)

The VIZ includes the possibility of creating anonymous accounts. To do this, you need to transfer an amount of at least 1 viz to the wallet (not to the capital!) of anonymous account and write name:key in the message, where name is the name of the new account, and key is the public key that will be used as all account keys (an hour after creating the account, you can reset the keys so that there is a separate key for each access type). You can create a pair of keys for a VIZ here.

Obviously, if you transfer viz from your existing account, the new account will not be very anonymous. Therefore, it is better to make a transfer from a public gateway, for example, from an exchange.


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