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How to use a VIZ

Using a VIZ means using applications, which, in turn, use the capabilities of the VIZ blockchain. An ordinary VIZ participant may not even know that he uses blockchain, tokens, nodes and other similar things. Just like an ordinary user of an Internet site is unlikely to guess which database management systems are running on the server of this site, in which programming language it is written or in which country its hosting is located.

Each application in the VIZ ecosystem offers its own way of using the participant's social capital. Choose what you are interested in and follow simple safety rules. This is enough to get benefit and pleasure, and sometimes direct benefit.

A few tips that may be useful for beginners

Separate keys. The key system in VIZ significantly increases the security of using the account compared to the usual «login+password» system. Of course, storing three keys that cannot be remembered is more difficult than entering the 12345asd password from memory. But in case of leakage of the usual keys from some site or from the application (with which awards are made ), you will not lose almost anything. And even if the active keys leak, the losses will be minimal, especially if you use subaccounts from the next board and do not store liquid visas in your wallet on them.

Use subaccounts and delegation. On the one hand, VIZ is convenient because the same account can be used in all applications, accumulating social capital on it and rewarding other participants. On the other hand, it's not very secure: the application may turn out to be fraudulent or be hacked by hackers, which will lead to trouble with the account.

A good way to increase the security of using a VIZ is to have one «main» account with your social capital and one or more subaccounts for different purposes and separate applications.

For example, your main account is johnnydepp. You have bought 12,500 vizs and put them into the social capital of this account. Now you can create a twitter.johnnydepp subaccount and delegate 2400 vizs to it, a telegram subaccount.johnnydepp and delegate 5800 vizs to it, and a iam.johnnydepp subaccount and delegate the remaining 4300 vizs to it. You can connect the first two accounts to the corresponding social gateways, and use the last one for all other tasks. Your social capital and, if desired, liquid vizs in your wallet will be on the main account.

Even if you lose or compromise the keys to some subaccount, up to the master key, nothing terrible will happen: you will simply revoke the delegation and create a new subaccount.

Rewards will accumulate on subaccounts, they can be gradually transferred to the main account or left to increase your social capital on Twitter and Telegram. At the same time, you will log in to the main account only through the most trusted application, and even then rarely.

Try to use local applications. Some VIZ applications are able to work directly with the blockchain, without accessing their own server. This is safer and more convenient, since an intermediary disappears, who may be a fraudster, or his servers will be hacked, or they may disconnect at the most inopportune moment.

On the other hand, without a server, it is unlikely to be possible to build a developed application with complex functions. In some cases, the same application can be presented in two versions - «basic» local and «advanced» server (in the form of a website or mobile application ). It's up to you which option to choose - depending on what you want to do with this application.

For example, «Personal Account» of the VIZ participant works both as a website and as a local web page, which you need to download to your computer and open in a browser. The local version has all the basic functions, but the online version adds a «Store» section with additional features that require the use of a server. The local version will work even if the server is completely disconnected, because it does not communicate with it, but directly with the blockchain.

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