readdle posted note :
Welcome to the Decentralised Social Network Readdle me. The word combination Readdle me was formed as a game of words read, riddle and me. "Readdle me" is a great slogan/call/image, don't you think so?! ❤️ Readdle me is an unusual social network. Here you, as a user, form your own reading circle. There is no spam, advertising or bots that leave comments in every line of discussion. There are only those you are interested in. The project is based on the concept of The Free Speech Project, works on the VIZ blockchain and of course you need an account and social capital to communicate here. At this stage there is an open beta test, remember that all publications are recorded in the blockchain and cannot be removed from there. There are no moderators, censorship or restrictions. You form the circle of your communication by yourself. It is very likely that only enthusiasts and geeks will use at first time. Don't forget to write about bugs to the telegram group: readdle_me (the link is fixed in our profile). The concept itself requires a lot of experimentation. Some opportunities will appear, some will go back in time. Only we can choose our own path. "Welcome to the club" #en #welcome