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Tokenization: the past and the future. Bottlenecks and opportunities.

Following is a list of useful resources referenced to during my talk at the audio conference organized by the WEB3.0 News Channel and Synergis Community.

The list is far from complete, but provides a decent coverage of the ongoing situation.

Voice conference working language is Russian, so some materials are available only in [Ru].

1. One of the best pieces o how we all got fooled by the "big business" fellas.

Basically, the idea of "recycle" helps to sell more plastic. All much hyped "efforts" to set up separate waste collection with further utilization / reuse (commonly referred to as a "waste management system") turned out to be no more then "smart" marketing campaigns. And people behind it knew everything from the very beginning. Very good read (Russian language):

2.  Following material came to being after years of research, field trips and interviews. Investigated by the NPR, this case provides solid evidence that separate plastic collection and its further recycling are not economically nor financial viable (given that we operate in the current socio-economic consent. Silent consent, I must admit.). And yes, CEO's and key responsible managers new the whole thing is a hoax from the start (English article): 

3. Big research paper on plastic waste increase during Covid.  Long read, English language: 

4. And here is a research of microplastic impact onto remote ecosystems. Good for deeper examination of the topic, long read, English language:

Microplastic pollution in a rapidly changing world...

5. Climate data dashboard from The Guardian: 

6. Another good piece with numerous references expanding the picture of devastation and damage already done, shifting readers attention to a much broader picture, than only plastic pollution. English language:
7. Another great, data proved, example of how politicians and the media have reframed climate change and air pollution issues, as in fact the situation is much worse then we thought. English article:

Air Pollution is Much Worse Than We Thought
8. NASA's media project on climate and the environment:
9. And here are some dashboards and numbers to get a better sense of the actual problem scope and its pace:

IMF climate change dashboard launched in 2021. The IMF, as any governmental and/or politics related organization itself should not be trusted as is, so make sure you'll double check and verify what comes from where. Actually, the deeper you'll research the more surprised you'll be :)

"Climate change is becoming a defining theme of the global economy" as according to Shroders (asset and wealth management). Check some of the their stats and findings in a dashboard here.

UK's attempt to quantify and measure climate change and its implications.

More environment related numbers and visuals from the World Bank'sters ;-)

Live global climate scoreboard by Bloomberg.

Once again, this is not, in any way, full or complete list, thus your own research is more then encouraged. Don't just "buy" - verify!

Please do share your thoughts, questions and relevant materials in comments or drop me a line in Telegram @taraspolyarnik