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Top 10 TED Talks that will change the way you think about life + business A Thread: The Future we're building By @elonmusk Elon talks about how his companies are impacting the world for the good. How Great Leaders Inspire Action By Understand the power of 'why'. How to Get Your Ideas Spread By Seth Godin Spreading ideas should be part of your winning business strategy. 8 Secrets of Success By Richard St. John He will describe the ways of prosperity in a totally different way. The single biggest reason why start-ups succeed By Bill Gross The title says it all. Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance By Angela Lee Duckworth Grit is more important than IQ in the path to success. Tribal Leadership By David Logan Learn about the five kinds of tribes that humans tend to form in a natural way. The Happy Secret to Better Work By Shawn Achor This talk uses humor to illustrate the importance of happiness in the workplace. How to Manage for Collective Creativity By Linda Hill The typical management style doesn't work if you want to encourage creativity and innovation in your organization. A future worth getting excited about By Elon talks about Twitter, Tesla, and the meaning of life. If you are serious about changing your mindset Read 100 Mental Models Musk, Munger, Kahneman, Feynman, Seneca, Hawking, Darwin, Einstein, Heisenberg, Taleb, Dawkins, and Naval: #Business