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Surprisingly, in June I didn't think about making full-fledged publications with any markings in The Free Speech Project. But by July I had already realized that this was just a stage in evolution.

If microblogging (which is not the case anymore, it's been proven by Twitter) is bypassing the restrictions on clickbait headlines, then what's the point of repeating their story.


We can make it easier. We have a "white" V/Voice (Voice) on VIZ before us. Why drive around when dApp makes it possible to implement everything here and now without having to resort to third party websites.

After looking around, I noticed a trend towards posting through a minimalistic visual editor.

The Telegraph's trend has also spilled over into Vkontakte. In our case, dApp restrictions are imposed. We need to convert html to markdown. We do not want to pull heavy libs (libraries) into the code at all, so we decided to go the Telegram way (selfmade markdown).
Markdown rules, however, are based on generally accepted versions. This will not be visible to the user, because the visual editor has to do his job ;)


I find it very successful how telegrams use special characters to wrap the bold, italics and strikethrough text (or all at once). Also don't forgotten about the interlinear code <? print 'Hello VIZ World!'; ?>.

However, there are also limitations. It is quite expensive and often superfluous to maintain more features. Time will tell.

Nevertheless, I have implemented some great features with quotes.
Yes, two kinds!


Let's see how the result will be to create a preview in notes and unfold a full publication for reading. Such posts are likely to hide side menus, leaving only text and comments at the bottom. Moreover, for the PC version, an extended version of the layout of the publications will be possible.

Check out the cool separator 🔥. Can't wait to see the working version on!

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